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Enhance your living or commercial area with our specialised extension services. At Strong Base Construction, we seamlessly integrate new spaces, transforming your property to suit your evolving needs. Our team ensures structural integrity, aesthetics, and functionality from start to finish. Experience seamless craftsmanship and increased property value

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New Builds

Our new build services redefine construction, transforming your ideas into tangible structures. Our expert team crafts each project with precision. We blend innovation with quality, creating lasting structures that stand as a testament to your vision.


Our conversion services turn existing spaces into new, functional areas that reflect your changing needs. From repurposing buildings to revitalising historic properties, we specialise in breathing new life into every corner. With meticulous attention to detail, we seamlessly merge the old with the new, creating spaces that inspire and serve.


Discover the art of reinvention with Strong Base Construction. Our renovation services breathe new life into spaces, combining aesthetics with functionality. From modern updates to restoring historical charm, we meticulously transform your vision into reality. Our team's expertise ensures every detail is perfected, creating spaces that captivate and serve your needs.

Basement Construction


Our basement construction services transform neglected spaces into functional additions. Whether it's a living area or gym area, we maximize potential with expert finishing, remodeling, and waterproofing. Our team ensures structural integrity and functional design, converting basements into integral parts of your property. Experience innovation and craftsmanship that redefine basements as valuable extensions of your space.

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